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    I have queries on what treatment will be applicable for me. How can I know that?

    We will determine the treatment applicable to you after a physical assessment. If you have previously undertaken treatment for your condition, please carry the reports along with you when you visit Bayly.

    How to find the location of a clinic?

    We are located in Pickering, Ontario. Click here to find the location of the clinic.

    How to book an appointment?

    Click here for online booking or use the contact us form

    Is it necessary to have a doctor's referral to get treatment at your clinic?

    No, You don’t need to have a doctor’s referral to get treatment at our clinic.

    What can I expect during my first consultation?

    We will have a medical assessment on your first consultation. We will ask questions and monitor your physical movements to determine which treatment will be applicable to you based on your Injury or root cause of your pain.

    Do you need any reports of x-rays scans with me for starting treatments?

    It might not be necessary if you are getting treated for the first time. You can carry the history of reports along with you if you have any.

    How long can I wait to get treatment?

    We often try to see patients within hours of your enquiry.

    How long will a treatment session be?

    Your initial treatment may take 1 hour or may vary.

    What kinds of conditions do you treat?

    We treat all kinds of physical conditions from bone injuries, sprain, spinal injuries, back pain and more.